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http://toyotadostlari.com/?pizdfer=rencontre-par-agence-matrimoniale&9e8=26 Find Out More Training Session in Saida

site de rencontre 16-18 ans http://www.pioneervillage.org/wifer/3681 Funded by NPA

In order to promote awareness of trade union's role among Palestinian youth and build networks to monitor and follow up on the labor violations,  CEP organized, in collaboration with the Resource Centre for Employment Promotion and Social Protection (R-CEP) and The Lebanese Observatory for the Rights of Workers and Employees, and the support of the Norwegian People's Aid (NPA), a training session on 27 and 28 September 2013 in the hall of Ahlouna in Hilaliya - Saida

Description: http://cep-lb.org/images/adobepdfsm.jpg
Description: http://cep-lb.org/images/adobepdfsm.jpg

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