Online Database on Palestinian Employment
Title Each table should have a title describing it. (*)
Selected Sample Selection criteria represents the sample which the user desires to analyze. (*)
Vertical Variable Vertical variable is the column variable that you would like to analyze. (*)
Horizontal Variable Horizontal variable is the variable whose categories appear as rows.
Recommended Chart
Show Totals Totals gives the percentage of each cell in the total sample.
Show Frequency Frequency gives the weighted number of subjects in each cell.
Show Mean Mean represents the average value of the continuous variable of interest.
Show Standard Deviation Standard deviation represents how much variation or dispersion exists from the average or mean.
Show Maximum Shows the maximum value reported in a given variable of interest.
Show Minimum Shows the minimum value reported in a given variable of interest.
Independent Values Allows giving separate results for each category of the variable, selected in the "selection criteria"
Any added table will be available online for one month only.
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