Palestinian refugees in Lebanon face legal restrictions limiting their access to employment and social protection in an economic and political environment which reflects biased standpoints, misconceptions and prejudice surrounding their employment. These are major factors contributing to the poor access of Palestinian refugees to decent employment and social protection which is in turn exacerbating their deprivation, poor living conditions, and strong sense of vulnerability. The Palestinian refugees are actually trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty, low education and precarious employment.

A workshop organized jointly by UNRWA and the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in May 2006 and funded by the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development (SDC), titled “Beginning of a Dialogue: Employability of Palestinians in Lebanon” was the starting point that brought CEP into being as a multi-member committee united for a common cause - To carry forward the workshop’s recommendations that covered various topics related to Palestinian refugee employment in Lebanon.

As it starts its eighth year, the CEP has noted an environmental shift in the way Palestinian refugee employment is perceived and the higher priority it is being accorded by major actors such as Lebanese Palestinian Dialogue Committee (LPDC), UNRWA and the Lebanese governmental agencies such as the NSSF and the Ministry of labor to a more active role in advocacy.

CEP currently works on improving the Socio-Economic conditions of Palestinian refugees residing in Lebanon through promoting the right to work and to social protection, while enhancing their employment opportunities in an equitable legal environment. CEP has a vision of “Palestinian refugees residing in Lebanon live in dignity and enjoy their right to work, and other socio-economic rights, until the realization of the right to return, according to the UN General Assembly Resolution 194.”



https://www.luas.gov.my/kms/lifre/6573 Mr. Samir El-Khoury (CEP Chair)
Ambassador (rtd)
Representing Lebanese Civil Society

http://bossons-fute.fr/?fimerois=rencontre-celibataire-lanaudiere&e86=17 Ms. Wafa El-Yassir (Vice Chair)
Country Director
Norwegian People\'s Aid
Representing Palestinian Civil Society 

conocer gente nueva en granada Dr. May Hammoud (member)
Lebanese Palestinian Dialogue Committee (LPDC)
Representing the LPDC

bremerhaven bekanntschaften Ms. Samira Salah (member)
Director of Palestinian Refugee Affairs
Representing Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO)

https://cafekoltuklar.com/6619-dte18205-online-dating-lacking-emotional-connect-reddit.html Ms. Catherine Richards (member)
Field Protection Officer
United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA)
Representing UNRWA

free single parent dating sites Dr. Mary Kawar (member)
Senior Employment Specialist 
International Labour Organization (ILO)
Representing the ILO

Mr. Fouad Bawarshi (member)
Vice President – General Director
Gezairi Transport (Overseas) S.A.L
Representing the Business Community


Ms. Yasmine Masri
Advocacy and Administrative Officer

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